A strong engineering background was our foundation when we opened our doors in 1968. Back then, we provided engineering support for local IBM and General Electric plants. And we built a reputation that has taken us a long way.

Today, almost a half century later, Triad has grown into an industry leader, offering a comprehensive spectrum of individual or interrelated support services to government and business.

Over the years we've built a multitalented team of creative professionals. Bright, purposeful people with a commitment to good and honest work. Frankly, we're proud of our success.

Our secret? No secret at all, just a simple triad:

We provide a Quality product at a reasonable Price, and we deliver on Schedule.

Quality. Price. Schedule. Triad.

Why Vermont?

Vermonters do a lot more than tap trees...

Whether it's boiling maple syrup or designing 21st century computer chips, Vermonters have a reputation for doing things right. Here, hard work is a virtue. A job well done is a matter of pride. And honesty is still the best policy. That's the way Vermonters are raised. That's the way they live. That's how they do business.

At Triad, a solid work ethic is part of everyone's make-up. And though our values may be old-fashioned, our services are state-of-the-art.

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