At Triad, we understand the importance of comprehensive and well-structured documentation. We have a long history of providing documentation for aerospace and the military. Incorporating S1000D into content development has become a major part of our effort to produce quality technical information. Whether it is developing new content or converting your legacy data, we can incorporate S1000D into your project. 

When it comes to S1000D, our writers and illustrators have the skills and tools to develop your projects. As we develop your project, all XML data modules are checked for XML completeness and validated using the project’s associated Business Rules Exchange (BREX) file. Project files are delivered complete and ready to publish in the manner you prefer, or we can publish your projects for you.

No Common Source Database (CSDB)? No problem. We utilize Raytheon® Eagle Publishing System software to handle that.

Contact us for information on developing your S1000D project. If you are new to S1000D, we can evaluate and determine if S1000D is right for your project.